A 0°C Globe
A 0°C Globe

A 0°C Globe

model of a globe made out of frozen water, globe's standard, a platform of plaster

This globe - made out of ice - starts melting once it is exhibited above freezing point. The original form of the globe, as it exists below 0°C, is present purely in the title: the viewer can only imagine it.
A 0°C Globe cyclical one-day artwork - it has to be refilled and frozen on a daily base. During every exhibition, the curator is asked to freeze the globe everyday. Before opening time the frozen globe was placed in the standard.

The titles are an important part of the work; with some works, the ideal conceptual form exists exclusively in the title, for instance for 0°C Globe.

Courtesy: Upstream Gallery Amsterdam

Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij

Text: Marian Cousijn