Exhibition in Your Hand
Exhibition in Your Hand

Exhibition in Your Hand

text on paper & sound on usb stick, a loop of 3:38 minutes, dark space

"An exhibition that is to be visited by means of imagination, a voice-over describes an exhibition that takes place in your hand. This description is pausing from time to time, building up a relationship between the artist/narrator and the visitor. The exhibition contains existing works by Nuyten (like Measuring Space) as well as work by other artists.

An important component of the work, Exhibition in the Hand by Noor Nuyten, is the exhibition visitor/viewer. The sound installation sets minimal, haptic elements like text and sound and stages the presence of the public. A voice takes the visitor on a tour through an imaginary exhibition, the exact place being in the mind of the listener. […] The sensing of imaginative power through the use of speech is a central theme in Nuyten’s work." curator Alexandra Landre

Each time Exhibition in Your Hand has been shown, the work is adapted to the context, from a.o. Kunsthalle MunsterStaedtische Gallery WolfsburgParking Gallery Johannesburg, to HISK.

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Courtesy: Upstream Gallery Amsterdam, HISK, Marnie Slater

Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij

Collection: Plancius Art Collection 

With the generous support of: