Gravitational Choices
Gravitational Choices

Gravitational Choices

modified coins

Gravitational Choices is part of the commission the Act of Collecting Art, centred on the notion of collecting as a measurable act - a subjective form of art history that tries to find a balance between ratio and intuition. 

This edition of modified coins grows with the size of the collection. The moment the collectors decide an artist is part of the Plancius Art Collection, they give the artist a coin. 
It is an attempt to measure and map the circumference of the collection by turning it into a collective. At the same time, Gravitational Choices expands together with the collection itself. Gravitational Choices - swinging between ratio and intuition, like the moment of a flipping coin hanging in the air - within the insurmountable economic context.

Courtesy: Upstream Gallery Amsterdam

Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij

Plancius Art Collection