Offline Timer
Offline Timer

Offline Timer

glass, recycled silver from smartphones, 10 x 10 cm

“The work Offline Timer is uniting age-old glass blowing techniques with 21st-century materials. The process of heating and blowing makes the silver scatter over the ‘Timer’s round shape, reminiscent of a galaxy. These orbs are ‘Timers’ that Nuyten developed out of glass together with Marie de Bruyn in Tetterode Glass Studio.

As a sequel of Nuyten’s first Offline Timer, which is still counting down, she has blown glass spheres with particles of silver from smartphones into ‘Timers’ - which together can be perceived as a timeline. Each ‘Timer’ is crafted with a different method, influencing the bursting speed of glass. The ones that will burst within some weeks are cooled in the wind. The ones cooled in a blanket will go off after one year. The ones cooled in the oven will burst after ten years.

The fluidity of time mirrors the nature of glass as an amorphous solid that can be melted and shaped endlessly.”  Society of philosophy and psychology Ghent

Courtesy: Upstream Gallery Amsterdam, Marie de Bruyn, van Tetterode Glass Studio

Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij

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