3d printed electronic waste

"In the past year, Nuyten dove into the world of electrodes and 3D printing. The off-white reliefs are taking the viewer behind the capacitive touchscreen, recreating the patterns of the electrodes. While swiping on a smartphone, a cascade of actions take place: the touch leaves a pattern of electrodes behind it. Nuyten has looked into how best to capture this movement and found a way to materialise it.

After thorough research together with circular company vanPlestik, Nuyten developed a way to 3D print her concept with used electronics, such as computer monitors. These electronics, alluding to the evolution of technology, are shredded, melted and 3D printed. In imagining a transition towards more liveable futures, inspired by thinkers like Donna Haraway, Nuyten believes in the power of rethinking materials. By blending used materials, mundane objects and gestures, her aim is to spark the imagination of the viewer (Reading a Wave - Marinus Boezem & Noor Nuyten, z.d.)”

Courtesy: Upstream Gallery Amsterdam, vanPlestik

Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij

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