Waving the Future, photography of a flag on the facade of Upstream Gallery
Waving the Future, photography of a flag
Waving the Future

Waving the Future

recycled PET-bottles

Waving the Future is a flag that Noor Nuyten designed in 2020 in collaboration with friends and artists Sjoerd van Leeuwen and Harald den Breejen (technical execution). Concerned about climate change and how it results in an uncertain future, they adjusted the Dutch national flag.

Global warming used to be a relatively invisible threat. However, natural disasters, such as floods in Belgium, Libya and Bangladesh, and wild fires in Australia and Greece, have shown it is now an undeniable fact. Where for Nuyten the sea was always a poetic phenomenon (the motifs of the sea and waves appear in her work quite frequently), it has slowly become more unpredictable and threatening.

During the exhibition Reading a Wave the flag waved on the facade of Upstream Gallery Amstredam, as a reminder of the danger the Netherlands faces when we don’t act up. Waving the Future is often taken to protests from climate mars till XR demo's.

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Courtesy: Upstream Gallery Amsterdam

Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij

Private collections, Mal Art Collection 

Sponsored by:

mondriaan fund